Michael Blaker’s Movie Monday Featuring The Nice Guys

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back with another action flick for this week’s Movie Monday. It’s The Nice Guys!

Plot: The plot is a pretty standard buddy cop film one in the sense that it features two very unlikely partners that somehow become a team. What isn’t so standard is how the plot brings them together. I won’t spoil it because honestly, it’s pretty freaking funny and worth the watch, and this movie is only a bit less than two hours long.

Cast: Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are the two main leads, and they do a great job at it. The movie also includes Angourie Rice in her breakout performance as the character Holly March, Holland March’s (Ryan Gosling) daughter. Honestly, I think my favorite character was a split between Gosling’s Holland and Rice’s Holly, though Crowe’s Healy comes a semi-distant third. Really, the entire cast is just great.

Cinematography: The special effects aren’t that great, but frankly they didn’t need to be, and they served the film just perfectly.

Music: The score was great and fit the 70’s era depicted in the film.

Overall: A fun movie, though definitely not for children to watch.

For those who like: Action Films, Buddy Cop Films, and Great Performances.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.


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