Michael Blaker’s Movie Monday Featuring 13 Going on 30

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back with another film from the aughts for this week’s Movie Monday. It’s 13 Going on 30.

Plot: The plot is pretty basic, but it works for what it is. It’s a bit like a gender flipped Big in that it deals with a young teen, a girl this time, becoming an adult suddenly. The mechanics involved are time travel rather than becoming just an adult right then and there like in Big though.

Casting: The cast is filled with some rather big names from the era, and one that I totally forgot starred in this movie. The female lead character, Jenna, is played by Jennifer Garner when Jenna becomes an adult, while the male lead is played by Mark Ruffalo. The rest of the cast is okay, but frankly I felt they were all overshadowed by Jennifer Garner. Whether that is because of the plot being so basic or the casting itself though, I’m not as sure.

Cinematography: There aren’t really any special effects to make note of, but that’s to be expected of a rom-com.

Music: The part where Thriller is played in a key moment of the film is the one standout for the music.

Overall: An okay romantic comedy, but not a standout in any particular way in my opinion.

For those who like: Rom-Coms, Time Travel, and a Great Cast.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above or a rather basic plot.

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