Michael Blaker’s Bookish Wednesday: “Growth Hero Volume 01″ by Brent Tyman

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back with another new series for this week’s Bookish Wednesday. It’s “Growth Hero Volume 01” by Brent Tyman.

Plot: The plot of this focuses on a dimensionally displaced man named Alex Augere who is transported to a world that highly appeals to his tastes, a world of swords and magic that runs like a video game with skills and stats. It’s a pretty standard plot, and honestly is just decent. It’s not great, nor is it terrible, but it’s a solid middle of the pack sort of story. But before he gets there he gets the chance to pick a random skill, and he ends up with the incredibly overpowered skill Growth. This skill allows him to choose a stat to level up at high speed, and it is allowed to be changed every 5 days.

Characters: Like the plot, the characters are decent but not outstanding. Alex for example as the main point of view for the story nearly constantly refers to ideas he has from gaming or light novels he’s read, and it gets annoying. The rest of the characters are better, but sadly Alex is the main character and the focus of the story.

Overall: A decent story but if you don’t want a run of the mill LitRPG tale, it’s not going to be a story you want to read.

For those who like: LitRPGs, Action, Adventure, Overpowered Main Characters, and a Decent Plot.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, or stories that aren’t outstanding.

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