Michael Blaker’s Bookish Wednesday: “Fates Parallel Volume 04”

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back with the fourth entry in Jia and Eui’s adventures for this week’s Bookish Wednesday. It’s “Fates Parallel Volume 04” by Dark Technomancer.

Plot: This volume starts off with a bit of a time skip after the fallout at the end of the third volume, which makes sense given where Jia and Eui ended up. Still, we get to see Jia and Eui’s growth over the time skip of a couple years, and how much the world changed afterwards. I am being incredibly vague, but I really don’t want to spoil the conclusion of the last volume because of how important it is to the plot. Still, this volume is very action packed and full of even more political intrigue.

Characters: We get to see all our favorite characters and some new faces in this volume. Jia and Eui are still my favorite characters, and I enjoy the fact that they’ve grown so much since the first volume.

Overall: Another very solid volume that’s full of action, drama, and intrigue.

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