Michael Blaker’s Bookish Wednesday: “Fates Parallel Volume 03”

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back with the third entry in a Xianxia genre book series for this week’s Bookish Wednesday.  It’s “Fates Parallel Volume 03” by Dark Technomancer.

Plot: Jia and Eui are further entrenched in the murky politics that have overtaken the academy, and they must deal with former enemies and also a tournament in which they need to prove themselves to their instructors. Honestly, this is a real doozy of a volume and lots of things come to a head. By the end of this volume, nothing is the same. I won’t say more because that’d spoil the plot, but I enjoyed this third volume quite a bit.

Characters: We get to deal with a few characters that I wasn’t expecting to pop back up in the story, but they make plenty of sense given Do Hae’s arrival to the academy and his reputation. Still the story is driven by Jia and Eui, and they are easily the strongest part of the story as they explore what it means to become Yoshika.

Overall: A very solid third entry that’s full of action, drama, and intrigue.

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