Michael Blaker’s Bookish Wednesday: “Fates Parallel Volume 02”

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back with the second entry in a Xianxia genre book series for this week’s Bookish Wednesday. It’s “Fates Parallel Volume 02” by Dark Technomancer.

Plot: This second volume deals with the consequences from the last book, along with Jia and Eui growing ever closer and the machinations of powerful people. I honestly enjoyed this volume quite a bit, but there are definitely some stumbling points that are not as polished as the rest of the volume. I won’t say what because they are incredibly deep in spoiler territory, but I will suggest pushing on past them as it does get better.

Characters: We get introduced to a few new characters in this second volume, but my favorite is so incredibly spoilerific that I am going to avoid saying who.

However, all of the standouts from the previous volume like Dae, Eunae, Rika, and Master Ienaga are thankfully all still around to help bolster the rest of the novel quite a bit.

Overall: A fairly solid second entry in what might be one of the newest series I’ve come to enjoy quite a bit. There are some problematic areas, but if you can get through them the story does pick up quite a bit.

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