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Michael Blaker’s Anime Sunday: Most Anticipated Spring 2024 Anime

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back with a look at the upcoming season for this week’s Anime Sunday. It’s my Most Anticipated Spring 2024 Anime.

Appraisal Skill: This seems like a fun LitRPG/fantasy story about a kid who was reincarnated into another world as the son a noble. He uses his appraisal skill to make a place for himself in the world according to what I can find. I’ll definitely be giving it a watch.

Unnamed Memory: (pictured in the featured image) This looks to be a fairly interesting fantasy series. Hopefully it’s not too dark for my tastes, but we’ll see once the season begins.

Honorable Mentions:

Re:Monster: This is a light novel series I had never thought was going to be adapted into an anime given the fairly graphic nature of its plot. I’ll probably give this a watch if only because it was one of the very first light novels I ever read.

Spice and Wolf: Apparently, they’re going to be redoing the series and giving it another anime that starts at the beginning. I enjoyed the light novels and original anime quite a bit, so I’ll probably give this a watch. Hopefully I’ll be less busy by the time it starts airing.

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