Michael Blaker’s Anime Sunday: “Fluffy Paradise” Episode One Impressions

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back with another Anime Sunday with this week being a look at one of the previous season’s new shows. It’s my “Fluffy Paradise” Episode One Impressions.

Plot: This first episode is rather hilarious. The main character is a seriously overworked young woman who upon dying is reincarnated into another world by a god. Once reincarnated, the main character becomes a young girl named Nema. She was gifted with the choice to have any sort of special power or talent when she was reborn, but instead of wishing for great magical powers or the ability to use a weapon peerlessly she instead chose the most odd choice.

She picked the ability to be liked by all animals instead. She wanted to cuddle and snuggle and pet a bunch of animals. Naturally all sorts of stuff happens. I enjoyed this first episode quite a bit, and I’ll definitely be going back to watch further episodes once I have the time.

Characters: We get to meet a few different characters in this episode, but the star of the show is hands down Nema which only makes sense.

Art: The art is very well done. While it’s not close to ufotable’s quality, it is a bit above average so it’s not bad at all.

Music: Sadly, the music isn’t really as much a standout as the plot is in this.

Overall: A very fun first episode.

For those who like: Fantasy, Isekai, Animals, Heartwarming Plot, and Great Characters.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

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