Bookish Wednesday: The Immortal Continent by Virlyce

Michael Blaker
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Hey all I’m back for this week’s Bookish Wednesday with the second entry in Lucia’s adventures. It’s The Immortal Continent, Book 02 of the Godking’s Legacy, by Virlyce!

Plot: This is a much more traditional take on the Xianxia genre, although it still keeps the insanity of the previous book as is tradition with Virlyce’s stories. There are some plot threads from the previous entry that weren’t touched on though, so if you were paying close attention in the previous book don’t expect answers regarding Roland’s other legacy. Regardless I enjoyed this entry quite a bit.

Characters: My favorite new character is definitely Softie, mostly because of how clueless she is. However Ilya is by far my favorite character overall still, her being the straight man to Lucia’s insanity is always entertaining.

Overall: A very fun sequel, though some plot threads were left untended.

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