Bookish Wednesday: Otherlife Nightmares by William D. Arand

Michael Blaker
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This week for Bookish Wednesday I’m covering the second entry in Runner’s quest. It’s Otherlife Nightmares, Book 02 of the Selfless Hero Trilogy, by William D. Arand.

Plot Synopsis: Runner and company have safely left the city ahead of the siege. Completing their class promotions with barely any time to spare. Unfortunately he hasn’t discovered the password he needs to begin the logoff process to save the four-hundred thousand or so crewmates left alive in this game where dying truly means death. The game continues to shift and change with each day and as a byproduct of Runner’s actions. Not only do the rules change, but those he’s with have changed. No longer simple programs they have reached actual sentience. Pressing himself ever onwards to learn more about the world he finds himself surprised at every turn.

Plot: The plot of this second book is much more fast paced, and action packed than the previous one. There are more “Idiot Plans” and more appearances of Scott and Linda. If you enjoy crazy stories, with at least a decent plot, Otherlife Nightmares will satisfy that need.

Characters: Like I said above, Scott and Linda do make more appearances, sadly still not enough screen time for my preferences. Runner and the rest of the cast all get some more character development and I really enjoy the additions to the cast we get to meet in this entry. I won’t spoil anything, but Brighteyes might just be my favorite of the newcomers, or maybe Bell.

Overall: If you enjoy LitRPGs, you’ll love Otherlife Nightmares with it’s continuation of Runner’s journey.

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