Anime Sunday: K Missing Kings

Michael Blaker
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This week for Anime Sunday I’m covering the movie of the K Project that takes place between Season 1 and Season 2!

Plot Synopsis: Set a year after the fallout of the deadly incident at Ashinaka High and the death of Suoh Mikoto, the Red King, and Yashiro Isana, better known as Adolf K. Weissman the Silver King, disappearing Kuroh and Neko have been searching for their friend and leader Shiro with no success. Coming back to Ashinaka High to regroup before heading out to search again, Kuroh and Neko see Anna Kushina and another of the HOMRA crew, the now disbanded group of the Red King. They chase after her hoping to get some information about Shiro.

Plot: The plot is pretty good, considering it’s only about 90 minutes long. That being said it leaves alot of undone threads that will hopefully be wrapped up in the second season!

Characters: We get to see the entire cast of K in the movie, either through flashbacks or in present time, as well as some new faces. We also get to meet another of the Kings and his crew of superpowered underlings. This leaves only one unknown King left I believe. I like how we get to HOMRA’s crew again, even though they are pretty much leaderless without Mikoto to lead them.

Art: If you liked the artwork in the first season, you’ll love the stunning visual work that went into this movie.

Music: Same as above with artwork.

Overall: A worthy sequel to the K Project! It makes me very hopeful for the second season!

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