Manga Monday: Higashi no Kurume by Abiko Yu

Michael Blaker
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This week for Manga Monday I’m doing another Quick Review. It’s Higashi no Kurume by Abiko Yu!

Plot Synopsis: Kousuke has a boring high-school life, but he sits next to his crush–the really popular, cute Tsukahara Meguru, who has a cool, stoic personality. One day, his parents announce that they’re moving, but that he’ll still be able to attend the same school. The new apartment building has a lovely river and friendly neighbors…

Plot: The plot doesn’t take itself all that seriously, which is great, but I’m not usually into the comedic series. However this may prove to be an exception as I really do like the surprise we get to learn at the end of this first chapter.

Characters: Kousuke is pretty bland, and Meguru seems to be a cold hearted sort of person, but I’ll wait to see if things thaw out between the two of them. Who knows maybe it’s all an act.

Art: The art is pretty good, but not nearly at Shonen Jump quality, which is a pity, but oh well.

Overall: I’m going to give this a tentative go ahead, and as it’s only a couple volumes long I’m going to read it all soon. I may or may not do a full review afterwards.

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