Exploring Exciting New Classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Editor’s Note: Michelle Sayatovich is taking over Neal’s Column this week because it’s all about the upcoming Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands game, which she is super excited to play. And really, we could not stop her if we wanted to. Did we mention that she really wants to play?

We are now just over a month away from the release of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and I … AM … EXCITED! If you are too, you most likely read that last part in Tina’s voice. Tiny Tina is one of my favorite characters from the Borderlands universe, and Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep was a high point in the Borderlands 2: Handsome Collection. From the great story arc, character development, amazing loot, and beautiful Butt Stallion, what’s not there to like?

Unlike previous Borderlands games, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands does not introduce a new crew of standard characters. Instead, you get to create your own character, similar to traditional Dungeons and Dragons games.

As part of your customization, you can choose between six brand new, never before seen classes: Stabbomancer, Brr-Zerker, Spellshot, Clawbringer, Graveborn, and Spore Warden. Since none of these new classes are self-evident based on name alone, lets dive deeper into each one.

1. Clawbringer

I’m most excited for the Clawbringer class. As a Clawbring, you will have a tiny dragon companion. Was that all it took to make it my favorite? Maybe, but they also look like a blast to play. Decked with a sweet hammer complete with a cannon on the front and wings on the back, the Clawbringer is all about the melee. The Clawbringer has a class action skill called Cleansing Flames, where you take that beautiful hammer, set it on fire, and smash it down on the heads of your foes. The other class action skill, Storm Dragon’s Judgement, lets you throw your hammer and then called back to your hand like Mjolnir (but legally distinct from Thor). And yes, it deals damage on the way back, too. Using this class action skills also creates a shock bubble around the hammer that deals damage to enemies who get too close. I’m definitely picking this class on my first playthrough.

2. Graveborn

The Graveborn class also looks amazing. This class looks to be most like Krieg’s psycho class in Borderlands 2. As a Graveborn, you will sacrifice your life to wreak havoc on your enemies. A class skill called Reaper of Bones allows you to gain bonus lifesteal and magic damage for a short period in exchange for continuous health drain. Looks creepy, but cool at the same time. The other class skill, Dire Sacrifice, lets you sacrifice 20% of your current health to unleash a blast to damage surrounding enemies.

The class trailer shows the Graveborn surrounded in swirling red clouds that I would like to imagine is their blood. (This is probably just because I’m currently obsessed with the Rebirth Webtoons, where the main character uses blood magic.) The Graveborn class also gives you a companion, a floating ice skull called a Demi-Lich that casts spells when you do and summons hellish minions to fight at your side. This class is currently in my number 2 slot.

3. Spellshot

One of the new mechanics in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is the ability to use spells. Don’t worry, there will still be a large emphasis on guns. From what I’ve seen, spells will take over the functionality of grenades from the regular Borderlands. The Spellshot class is, wait for it, ambi-hextrous! The Borderlands humor persists! This class action skill lets you dual spell cast. I’m not sure if this is a one-shot action skill or if you can dual cast for a set period of time.
The other Spellshot class action skill allows you to render your enemies harmless, similar to the standard Siren class.

One big difference though, instead of just immobilizing them, you can turn them into livestock. This Siren-like magic can polymorph your target into a skeep (skag sheep maybe?). No word on if there are other polymorph options. The trailer for the Spellshot class also shows the character snapping their fingers to catch an enemy on fire. This class is going to be pretty hot (too much?). I have enjoyed my Sirens in the past, so I’ll going to put Spellshot in my number 3 slot.

4. Brr-Zerker

The Brr-Zerker looks like so much fun. I don’t know how closely the character customization will let us get to the preview classes, but the preview Brr-Zerker character is sweet. Equipped with a giant axe with an ice pick on the back, the Brr-Zerker is clearly playing on the standard Berzerker class. As the Brr-Zerker, you can utilize the class action skill Dreadwind to turn into a spinning cyclone of death. Looks pretty bad axe (get it?). You can also lunge towards your target and deal a smashing blow with Feral Surge. The Brr-Zerker doesn’t look as flashy as some of the later classes, but something about this one feels like it will be more fun than the Stabbomancer. Brr-Zerker is ranked number 4 for me.

5. Stabbomancer

The first new class revealed is the Stabbomancer. This is the Bunkers and Badasses assassin class. The Stabbomancer shoots an ethereal double sided blade/sword thing from a wrist contraption using the class action skill Ghost Blade. The class trailer shows the Stabbomancer shooting three such blades in a row. I imagine this will be similar to Zane’s MNTIS shoulder cannon in Borderlands 3, where you can fire three times, each with their own cooldown. The second class action skill brings back the stealth mode seen previously with Zer0 and FL4K. From The Shadows also causes increased damage and appears to last even after attacking.

While I really enjoyed Zer0’s decepti0n, I barely used this function while playing FL4K. This class looks solid, but nothing really jumps out at me so far. Not quite coming up last, Stabbomancer is 5th on my list of new classes.

6. Spore Warden

The Spore Warden is decked with a sweet bow that I think is made of ice and shoots magic arrows. This is the Bunkers and Badassess druid class. Toted as the nature lover class, the Spore Warden gets a mushroom companion. Get it, Spore Warden, so they get a fungus? This dancing little ball of chaos is a sight to behold. From his ood-like face to voluptuous badonkadonk…it’s something. One snippet in the class trailer shows the mushroom running with its head tilted back to reveal shark teeth I think? Not gonna lie, the little pink land shark shown right before the mushroom looks super dope, and I’m disappointed that’s not your companion instead. For the first class action skill, Barrage of Arrows, you can fire seven arrows at once from your bow. As a Spore Warden, you can create a cluster of three frost cyclones using your Blizzard class action skill. They both seems kinda meh. Spore Warden is at the bottom of my hype list.

Well, there you have it. Six new badass characters that will be available very, very soon. Having trouble deciding on a favorite? Well, one new feature that may help, or make your decision all the more difficult, is for the first time in Borderlands you can multiclass. What!?! If you multiclass with classes that have companions, you get both companions. I’m excited to play a Clawbringer Graveborn, or a Graveborn Brr-Zerker, or maybe a Graveborn Stabbomancer.

I’ll get back to you on that.

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