One Game to Bind Them

When you first load up Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers on your Playstation 2, you will be treated to the first battle scene from the movie, recreated using the PS2’s DVD capabilities. Suddenly, the movie will fade into the game and just that quickly, you will become part of Tolkien’s world, or at least the Hollywood adaptation. You actually have to kick yourself to start moving and fighting, because the game is so good looking you will want to just watch things unfold. Thankfully all the original actors from the movie have come along to voice their roles … Continue reading One Game to Bind Them

Hot Wheels Turbo Racing zooms to your heart

The worst mistake a gamer could make is to dismiss this game as just for kids and take a pass on it. While the game holds all the standard fare for a racing game, the nostaglia involved in playing, not to mention the pure fun you have makes this offering from Stormfront Studios (published by EA) one of the best games in the racing genre. Let’s face facts — we all played with Hot Wheels cars growing up. We had the funny cars, the buggys, and of course the Scooby Doo lookin’ Mystery Machine van. One of the best parts … Continue reading Hot Wheels Turbo Racing zooms to your heart

Byzantine won’t betray gamers looking for a realistic thrill

Imagine you are a journalist (in other words, a very curious person) and you receive a postcard from an old schoolmate and a friend in Turkey that basically says: come have fun and get a good story out of the trip. Chances are you would not turn him down. But no sooner have you arrived in Turkey’s waterfront city of Istanbul, where your friend Emre Bahis lives, than you start regretting your decision. Typical of Middle Eastern intrigues, the unsuspecting foreigner finds himself involved in a mischief not of his doing. That, in essence, is the storyline of Byzantine: The … Continue reading Byzantine won’t betray gamers looking for a realistic thrill