TopWare Interactive Releases Iron Sky: Invasion

TopWare Interactive, alongside Reality Pump Studios announced today the release of its space combat simulator "Iron Sky: Invasion" for mobile platforms with the Android system, available for purchase in the Google Play Store. In addition to the full game, the Free version will give players a first look at the space dogfighting world of "Iron Sky: Invasion". Publishers: TopWare Interactive Developers: Reality Pump Platforms: Android

Iron Sky Game Being Created

Award winning multi-platinum selling, game developer, Reality Pump (Earth 2150, Two Worlds 2, etc.), is developing the official Iron Sky video game "Iron Sky: Invasion," which will release in November on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Iron Sky is a dark, comedic, science-fiction film about Moon Nazis invading earth, which premiered with huge fanfare earlier this year at the Berlin Film Festivals. Iron Sky soon became one of the most spoken-of independent films of the year, and is certain to reach cult classic status, in part, due to its brassy humor, classic satire, and amazing visual effects. "Iron Sky: … Continue reading Iron Sky Game Being Created

E3 Expo: TopWare Announces Sacrilegium Survival Horror

Now the cat is out of the bag: The German Publisher TopWare Interactive announced at E3 in Los Angeles that "Sacrilegium" will be the next title from the company owned developer – Reality Pump Studios. The in-house development team that’s responsible for creating many successful franchises such as the "Two Worlds" titles, or the acclaimed "Earth" series, is looking to revive and renew the survival horror genre in terms of story and atmosphere, as well as in the gameplay and level design, as they look to set the new standards. The story is about Alex, a 20-year Californian – smart, … Continue reading E3 Expo: TopWare Announces Sacrilegium Survival Horror

World War 3 Hits Too Close to Home

There is turmoil and chaos in the Middle East again. Sound familiar? No, I’m not watching CNN; I am playing JoWood Productions’ World War 3: Black Gold. World War 3 is a real time military strategy game in which you will control three different military powers. Using ‘real-world’ modern day weaponry, you will take command of the United States army, the Russian army, and the Iraqi army. World War 3 is similar to most real-time strategy games. There are goals that must be achieved in order to succeed and move on to the next mission, and you must build supply … Continue reading World War 3 Hits Too Close to Home