Dragon Eternity MMO To Run On iOS, Android

Game Insight, a world leader in developing and publishing mobile games, has revealed its new free-to-play, cross-platform massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, Dragon Eternity. This exciting fantasy-themed online game will offer tons of quests to conquer and a vibrant world to explore. In Dragon Eternity, players join one of two opposing factions as fledgling adventurers in service of their nation; Vaalor or Sadar. The lush fantasy realm of Adan is at war, beseiged by armies of monsters, bandits, and even darker forces that dwell in ancient dungeons. These savage foes guard vast treasures and riches, lying in wait for any … Continue reading Dragon Eternity MMO To Run On iOS, Android

Crime Story Releases For Android

The search for a missing brother begins your rise through the ranks of a treacherous underworld rife with murder, corruption and greed as Game Insight, a fast-growing social and mobile games company, today announced Crime Story – a free, empire-building game now available for Android. The announcement follows the recent launch of Game Insight’s top-grossing Android games Paradise Island and My Country. Crime Story is a game of dominance and deception where players work their way up from an ordinary mafia solider to the head of a crime syndicate. Conquer the city and build your own criminal empire by eliminating … Continue reading Crime Story Releases For Android