Builder Simulator Debuts on Nintendo Switch

Developer Frozen Way announced that Builder Simulator has debuted on Nintendo Switch. In Builder Simulator, players can enjoy the excitement of designing and constructing a house from scratch. Get ready to bring your dream house to life with your handheld gaming console, and experience the satisfaction of being a professional builder. Builder Simulator is now available from the Nintendo eShop. Builder Simulator is a simulation game perfect for those who ever dreamed about building a house from the ground up. It stands out because of its attention to detail and allows players to follow the entire building process, from design … Continue reading Builder Simulator Debuts on Nintendo Switch

Hairdresser Simulator Releases for PC

Game developers Frozen Way and Petard Games announced that Hairdresser Simulator has released on Steam. Hairdresser Simulator is a simulation game that lets players live out their hairdressing dreams and fulfill their customers’ wishes. The game release date for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles is not set yet, but the developers are working hard to make it available to all players within two months after the PC release. In Hairdresser Simulator elements of simulation, fashion design, and management are combined to create a dynamic playground that lets players dictate trends in the hairdressing industry. The game puts players in … Continue reading Hairdresser Simulator Releases for PC

House Flipper VR to Debut Soon on PlayStation VR

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about being a one-person renovation crew? Wondered how it feels to buy a neglected house and carry out necessary renovations that will uncover its full potential? House Flipper VR is a simulation game which gives you the unique chance to experience that for yourself. Strap on your virtual reality headset, grab the controllers, and get to work – dozens of properties are waiting for a complete virtual makeover. House Flipper VR not only lets you try your hand at house renovation-related tasks but also gives free rein to your creativity while furnishing and decorating … Continue reading House Flipper VR to Debut Soon on PlayStation VR

Bioengineer Game Honeycomb Announced

Take on the role of a bioengineer. Conduct research and experiments on flora and fauna. Build, expand, and decorate your habitat, laboratories, and greenhouses in many different ways in Honeycomb that’s coming to PC. The action takes place in the future on a distant alien planet. After expanding their knowledge of bioengineering and genetics, chosen scientists will create new organisms and discover previously unknown resources to help bring their home planet back to life. Overall, planet Earth greatly suffers from air, land, and water pollution. Soil degradation, biodiversity loss, and the effects of climate change are undeniably becoming a fatal … Continue reading Bioengineer Game Honeycomb Announced