Horror Title Daymare Creeps to Release

Today, developer Invader Studios adds Daymare: 1998 to the altar of the survival horror genre. Born from the passion of its creators, the game addresses all gamers who love to fight their way through a place where evil lurks behind every corner while their fragile existence is being questioned. All that with just a handful of ammo rounds in the pocket and only a faint sense of the bigger picture. Daymare: 1998 also comes from the cooperation of the development team with Destructive Creations, the studio responsible for Ancestors Legacy RTS, and All in! Games, who have taken on the … Continue reading Horror Title Daymare Creeps to Release

Ancestors Legacy Comming to Consoles

Ancestors Legacy, having been developed for use with a controller right from the start, is finally reaching the remaining platforms it was destined for with the release of PS4 and Xbox One versions. Tested with a gamepad for over two years now, the user interface and key mapping are well optimized to bring a great gaming experience even without the more traditional RTS peripherals. Aiming to fill the RTS-games gap on console platforms, Ancestors Legacy is bringing all its main weapons: enticing history-inspired storyline, tactical squad-based battles, day-night cycle, action camera, pleasing visuals on a par with the PC version, … Continue reading Ancestors Legacy Comming to Consoles