Play Ball!

During the time this review is being written, I am listening to a radio broadcast of today’s game between the Pirates and the Red Sox. It may only be the preseason until Monday, but I am already looking forward for this season to start. Despite only winning 72 games last year, I feel that it was still a successful campaign from the previous year’s 100-loss disaster. What I have seen last year was a significant improvement on pitching (thank Kip Wells and Josh Fogg for that, not to mention a save record season for closer Mike Williams) and defense (who … Continue reading Play Ball!

Button up for action with Gulf War: Operation Desert Hammer

The army has just finished the first production version of their latest mobile destruction center (better known as a main battle tank), the M12 Hammer, and they have put YOU in the commanders seat! Where you go from here is completely up to you! The setting is the desert of the Middle East and "It is up to you to finally eliminate the desert dictator and his terrorist army, now known as the Federation of Militant Equal Nationalists (FMEN). Good luck." With these words Gulf War, the latest tank simulation from 3DO and Military Channel, send you off into the … Continue reading Button up for action with Gulf War: Operation Desert Hammer

Army Men II brings nostalgia, strategy to backyard.

I can’t really recall my childhood really well, but I do remember playing with those little plastic soldiers. Now, while my method of play was pretty clean, some of my friends added a little bit of sadism to their soldiers: tying M-80s on their backs, frying them with a magnifying glass, you name it. Last year 3DO released a realtime strategy game called Army Men which incorporated these toy soldiers we all grew up with. While I never had the chance to play the original, I did get a chance to test out the sequel, Army Men II, which although … Continue reading Army Men II brings nostalgia, strategy to backyard.