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Are You Curious?

Curious enough to see what’s inside the cube? See if I am in the Weekly Time Waster. Ed. Note: Careful, Billy. Remember what happened to the cat who indulged his curiosity. Remember.

Gone Fishing

Here’s one for you if you’re tired of the fish not biting. Billy takes the Weekly Time Waster out on the boat and tries to land a big one. Figure out who’s smarter: Billy or the Fish…in his review of Gone Fishing.

Wired For Fun

Wacky Skywire 2 has you trying to move your helpless passengers to safety down a wire as countless animals squirt, bomb, sit, jump and dive at you in a desperate attempt to knock you down.

Puzzle Me This?

It’s Time Waster Time! Bring it! Or leave it, really. Billy finds that the best way to waste his time is with Puzzle Nation. It’s puzzle master and brain teaser central. Can Billy keep up? Read on!