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A Pleasant Getaway

It’s time for Billy and the Time Waster again! Where is he this time? Somewhere looking for his lost shaker of salt, we think. That’s right, Billy’s wasting time at Margaritaville Online. Join him, join him.

The Bison is Back!

This week Billy flashes back to his first time waster with a flying drop kick to Burrito Bison! The sequel adds a ‘Revenge’ on there and that’s what makes it EXTRA special! Find out inside!

Late Dining

Not every time waster is a current day thing. This week Billy reviews Burger Jack, a game he thinks should have wasted his time long ago. Too little, too late is the Time Waster’s opinion.

Sling Away Baby!

In this week’s Time Waster Billy finds himself slinging the baby. No, that doesn’t mean THAT. It just means he’s flinging immature humans with a slingshot. But it’s OK. There are Doritos involved.

Smart And Sexy Poker

The Video Strip Poker Supreme game is probably the most successful title of its type ever produced. And the new opponents pack 10 does not disappoint, with smart Russian beauties heating things up.

Pen Power

Double the pen power and double the fun, if you learn the interface. Dual Pen Sports for the 3DS may be challenging, but seeing the baseball literally leap off the screen is a real treat.