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Austin To Host Break Into Industry Event

The Game Initiative today announced the "How To Break Into Video Game Industry: Conference and Resume Workshop" will take place September 8, 2004 in Austin, Texas the day before the Austin Game Conference and the Women’s Game Conference. The Breakin conference is designed for students and professionals eager to get a job in the computer and video game industry. The event is open to artists, programmers, designers and others looking to get into the business. Attendees will have the opportunity to speak with industry insiders, including top recruiter, hiring managers from local game companies as well as network and … Continue reading Austin To Host Break Into Industry Event

City Of Heroes To Get Fiction Series

NCsoft Corporation, the world's leading developer and publisher of online computer games, Cryptic Studios and CDS Books, the publishing arm of CDS, Inc., the largest independent service provider to the book publishing industry, announced today the inception of a multi-year, multi-book licensing agreement for CDS to publish a series of books based on the world of NCsoft's successful online computer game, City of Heroes. City of Heroes is the comic book-inspired online computer game from developer Cryptic Studios(tm). Players choose from a multitude of costume options and powers to create a unique hero that can join other players in protecting … Continue reading City Of Heroes To Get Fiction Series

UBI Announces New Ape Escape Games

Ready? Set? Party! Ubisoft, one of the world's largest video game publishers, today announced Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system to be released in North America. In a brand-new twist to the series, Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed sets players on a fast-paced sports marathon across two action-packed game modes. A tournament-style game, Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed stars everyone's favorite heroes, Spike and Natalie, and features an all-star character line-up from the original Ape Escape games. Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed is slated to ship in October 2004. "Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed … Continue reading UBI Announces New Ape Escape Games

Third Wave Signs Fisher for Soundtrack

Third Wave Games, the new video game development house formed by industry veterans Morten Brodersen, Johnni Christensen and Phillip Tavel, has chosen game composer legend Mason B. Fisher to join its development team and produce the soundtrack for the upcoming title War World – Tactical Combat. Recently making his return to the PC gaming scene, Fisher will come on board to compose the soundtrack for the company's first title, War World – Tactical Combat, a first/third person mech-on-mech single and multiplayer combat game for the PC due out this fall. Inspired by musical scores from such composers as John Barry, … Continue reading Third Wave Signs Fisher for Soundtrack

Snapple Goes Airborne with Mobile Games

Airborne Entertainment — one of the world’s leading mobile entertainment publishers — has entered into a wide-ranging partnership with Snapple, part of Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages. Airborne will leverage Snapple’s Real Facts under the cap trivia campaign, its quirky personality, and iconic packaging to create "the best mobile phone stuff on earth." Snapple lovers can look forward to downloading games, applications, wallpapers and animated ringers directly on their phones. Each product promises to capture Snapple’s irreverent, refreshingly full-flavored attitude. Andy Nulman, Airborne’s President explained how the partnership came out. "I popped the cap on my Peach Snapple when I learned … Continue reading Snapple Goes Airborne with Mobile Games

Underdog US Team Gets 5th at Ragnarok

Team Denuo Convena, second place winner of the U.S. Ragnarok Championships, handed stunning defeats to some of the world’s top teams at the Ragnarok World Championships (RWC), ultimately placing fifth. Several of the Asian guilds have been playing together for the past three years, while the U.S. teams had less than six months to prepare. With relatively green teams, both U.S. guilds were expected to be eliminated in the first round. The final results of the competition proved the predictions about the U.S. teams to be wrong. During the course of the tournament, Denuo Convena defeated several teams favored to … Continue reading Underdog US Team Gets 5th at Ragnarok

Xpand Rally Delayed

As Techland announced today, Xpand Rally MP Demo will be postponed until 26.08.2004. "Although it’s just a demo version, we want to give players as good product as possible, so we have decided to delay the release of the Xpand Rally MP demo a bit. This additional time will allow us to polish the demo to the stage we originally wanted", says Pawel Marchewka – Xpand Rally Executive Producer. The demo will feature two cars with two different paintings and two tracks. Players will have the ability to choose from two different car handling models: simulation and arcade. Besides the … Continue reading Xpand Rally Delayed

Ben Kingsley, Kristanna Lorken to star in BloodRayne

Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley is bringing the bloodsucking ruler of the BloodRayne videogame to life. The ‘Gandhi’ star will play Kagan, the leader of a vast and dangerous vampire army. ‘Terminator 3’ star Kristanna Lorken been tapped as Kingsley’s daughter, who also must save the world by overthrowing his empire. The film will be set in 18th century Romania and the production will be filmed on-location in that country beginning later this month. A sequel for the videogame is expected to be released this fall.

Midway changes Area 51 Launch Date

Chicago-based interactive entertainment developer and publisher, Midway Amusement Games, LLC announced today that its sci-fi first-person shooter is now scheduled to ship the first half of 2005. Committed to publishing games of the highest calibre, Midway decided to give AREA 51 the extra development time needed in order to achieve the triple-A game quality that is expected of the title. In addition to honing graphics and fine tuning gameplay, the development team has confirmed that they will be adding new features to the game including a new alien enemy, as well as a new alien weapon. The new launch date … Continue reading Midway changes Area 51 Launch Date

Games help Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

We all are professionals that need to follow somebody's instructions, to meet the deadlines and to work after hours from time to time. Yes, our kids have computers and those cute games installed on them. Confess that you also have a couple of games running on your PC. Would we want to feel like home everywhere? Is playing the game from a wide screen of our PC (either Windows, Mac, or Linux) on our PDAs brings us sweet home memories? If it does, then we should stop burning ourselves down and take a time out to relax while playing our … Continue reading Games help Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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