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Todd Hargosh, a.k.a. GiN Hardcore, loves to tell it like it is, no matter who gets hurt. If you do good, and put out quality stuff, he will praise you to the ends of the earth. However, if you betray him, God help you.

Report To The Dance Floor

Several months ago, in one of my commentaries, I came out of the DDR closet and have been open about it ever since. I knew I had nothing to be ashamed of. I'm a DDR addict and I am proud of it. In a more recent commentary, I even had the dilemma of deciding on whether to pick up the latest US DDR title (DDRMAX2, hereafter referred to as MAX2) or to import DDR Extreme (DDRX). After researching the track lists of both games, I decided to give both of them a try, and needless to say I am pleased … Continue reading Report To The Dance Floor

Nokia N-Gage Fails In Sales

During my last commentary, I gave my opinions of the Jokia Un-Gage and the eventual failure I predicted it would be. Turns out I may have been right all along. In its first week of release, my sources say only 5,000 units were sold in the US, with an additional 500 in the UK. Not only that, but both EB and Gamestop are now selling the Un-Gage at $199, although it is actually due to an instant rebate. Still, even with a $100 price drop, there is no way that the Un-Gage will even have a slight chance against the … Continue reading Nokia N-Gage Fails In Sales

Too Complex

Now that the hockey season has officially started, my work as a Sports Correspondent can rest for a while. Sure, ESPN NBA Basketball comes out this week, but considering that it is the first of a massive slew of titles, including SSX 3, Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (back in its purist form after 10 years), and the biggest surprise of them all, an early release of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, there is no time for me to write an NBA report card against NBA Live (then again, I don't care much for basketball, except maybe … Continue reading Too Complex

The Cover Curse

Before Monday, my original concept for this week's commentary was to center on the launch of the Jokia Un-Gage and how poor pre-orders will end up resulting in the biggest gaming flop since the Virtual Boy. However, certain factors come into play when you least expect it. Enter the "Madden Curse." We've all heard about it. Up until the 2000 release, John Madden graced the cover of his EA Sports football franchise. With 2001, star players were used as cover athletes. What first might seem like the next best thing since being on the cover of a Wheaties box has … Continue reading The Cover Curse

Sports Talk With The Fan

To start off this week, I want you to take a look at my new title. With the start of the REAL sports season (which occurs after the first college football game and the start of the NFL season), I am now adding the title of Sports Correspondent to my resume. As a result I will now be in charge of all the annual sports reports. My NFL report will be coming out soon (I am still waiting for one last review title to come in), with the first ever NHL report to arrive before the Caps' home opener on … Continue reading Sports Talk With The Fan

It’s Always Something

I just don't get it. Why is it that when there is a big launch week coming up, something has to happen to my systems? Remember how I went through "The Big One" last year right before the launch of key titles such as GTA: Vice City and Metroid Prime? And now it has happened once again. This week, namely August 26th, is a key day on my gaming schedule. Not only will I have an extended weekend due to the Labor Day holiday, but we are in the midst of several critical launches: Aside from the obvious Soul Calibur … Continue reading It’s Always Something

Bad Games Selling Fast?

It all started two weeks ago. After an intense DDR Extreme workout earlier that day I went out to lunch with a few of my friends back home. One of which works for a software store, and he told me how a crappy title like Big Mutha Truckers is selling like hotcakes. I couldn't understand why, except possibly for the fact it was only $20. As far as I'm concerned if you want to spend $20 on a game, get something impressive such as Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution, not some stupid redneck trucker game. Anyway, it got me thinking, and … Continue reading Bad Games Selling Fast?

DDR Out Of The Closet

(We won’t say Dancing Queen – he would kill us) My name is Todd "GIN Hardcore" Hargosh, and I am a DDR junkie. At first, my opinion of all the music/rhythm genre titles (DDR included) were that they were all a joke to me: part of another niche Japanese gaming fad that would die in time. After all this is the same company who releases cheap dating simulators or games where you literally spank a plastic butt and are then given a fortune that predicts your sexual future. Given that to get the fortune you have to assault a computer … Continue reading DDR Out Of The Closet

The Dead Time

This is the part of the year I hate the most. Once E3 is over the flow of new releases slow down to a crawl. From what I've seen so far there has only been one post E3 title that I have been interested in (Star Wars Galaxies) but aside from that it has been nothing but ports of titles played on other systems and a certain box office to DVD-ROM flop called Enter the Matrix. Outside of the gaming world, as a sports fan it is twice as slow for me. Every summer I go through this, and with … Continue reading The Dead Time

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