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Ryan is GiN's MMORPG specialist. Video and PC games have been a part of his life. Ryan's first video game console was an Atari 2600. First totally sucky game he remembers was Pac-Man for the Atari 2600. Ryan has always had an intrinsic critical eye towards games. His day job is web design and development (another passion of his) And when he's not playing games or doing web work Ryan loves to snowboard, watch movies, and drink beer! :) Ryan am honored to be GiN MMORPG specialist. He's been playing these games in one form or another since the BBS days with Usurper, Elite, and The Pit. Then when Windows 95 made Internet easy to the masses he moved onto games like Ultima Online and Meridian 59.

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Search and Rescue 3 is Decent Fun

You’ve seen them. The evening news broadcast reports on some disaster or accident and moments later, looming in the sky above, hovers a rescue copter with a highly skilled crew ready to render aid. Have you ever wondered what a career as one of these air rescue personal would be like? Well Search and Rescue 3 (SAR3) is the game for you. At the moment SAR3 is the only search and rescue helicopter simulation on the market that I know about. Being in a class of its own doesn’t mean this is a bad game. It’s quite decent. It has … Continue reading Search and Rescue 3 is Decent Fun

WarCraft III – Preview Overview

Hello from the battlefields! I was given the awesome task of playing the WarCraft III beta and telling all of you Game Industry fans the skinny low-down on game. I’ll try my best to cover as many aspects of the Beta as possible. Hopefully all of your questions will be answered. First, the beta disc didn’t include any single player content, map editing tools and cinematics. For all intents and purposes this is basically a beta test of WarCraft III under the Battle.net environment. Regardless of this, in short this game is eons ahead of its predecessors. In sheer volume … Continue reading WarCraft III – Preview Overview

Frank Herbert’s Dune Misses Big Time

Every now and then I come across a game and wonder "what the hell were they thinking?" Frank Herbert’s Dune is one of those games. Every aspect of the game was either rushed or just not given the TLC it needed. Whatever the reasons, this is one of the most lackluster games I’ve ever played. Not since Take 2’s 1994 abysmal "Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller" and the 1996 bomb "Battlecruiser 3000AD" have I felt this strongly. The first obvious sign this product was rushed is the fact that the box, manual and Dreamcatcher’s website clearly state the game requirements must … Continue reading Frank Herbert’s Dune Misses Big Time

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