Marion Constante,

A longtime gamer and writer, Marion Constante has been playing PC games since childhood. Today she plays multiple games across platforms, both PC and PS4. The games she likes most are games that are open world, MMOs, Real Time Strategy, RPGs, and first person shooters. Some of her favorite games are the Assassin Creed series, Call of Duty, Age of Mythology, and the Dragon Age series. When online she is either playing Call of Duty or Star Wars the Old Republic. Marion is a huge Star Wars fan and has played almost every Star Wars game made. Her favorites are Knights of the Old Republic, Republic Commando, and Jedi Outcast. When not gaming she likes art, writing, reading comics and books (mostly sci-fi and Star Wars), and scuba diving.

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NASA at Awesome Con 2017

This year at Awesome Con there was the debut of Future Con where attendees learned from scientists and engineers about their work in studying our planet, solar system, and cosmos. One talk was by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on research and missions involving Space Lasers. Here I present an informative article from that panel and information on the upcoming total solar eclipse.

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