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Mike Tyson KOs Boxing Simulators

Do you want to be just like Mike Tyson? asks the marketing release that came with Mike Tyson Boxing, "Or how about kick his ass?" "Or bite the ears off of opponents, just like Mike?" Ok, I made that last one up. Even though I like this game, I can’t help throwing in some Tyson jokes. Nonetheless, yes, I want to be like Mike, and yes, I want to kick his ass. Mike Tyson Boxing for the PlayStation is the game in which you can do both. Mike Tyson Boxing is a realistic boxing sim for 1 to 8 players. … Continue reading Mike Tyson KOs Boxing Simulators

Nightmare Creatures II is Bloody Good

Nightmare Creatures 2 is a single player action slasher game. Adam Crowley, an evil sorcerer, is on the verge of merging with an entity of horrific power. It’s a power that will give him immortality, and entitle him to reign supreme over a new hell on earth. Herbert Wallace was once a prisoner of Crowley’s and subjected to the sorcerer’s torture and experimentation. Well, it’s time for some payback. Players control Herbert as he exacts his revenge on the evil Crowley, and, saves the world. The player guides Herbert through asylums, sewers, catacombs and castles on his quest for retribution. … Continue reading Nightmare Creatures II is Bloody Good

Dig into Lego Rock Raiders

LEGO Rock Raiders is a action/strategy game for the kids in your life. After a wormhole incident that strands the LEGO teams on the other side of the universe,(ever see Star Trek Voyager?) the crew of the geological survey ship "Explorer" are stuck in orbit around an uncharted planet. The crew has detected energy crystals in the caverns of the planet that will help them repair their ship. It’s up to you, to guide the characters through the caverns, to collect energy crystals and other items to help repair the ship. The underground caverns are packed with danger. There are … Continue reading Dig into Lego Rock Raiders

The Flintstones Bedrock Bowling bombs

"The Flintstones Bedrock Bowling" by Southpeak for PSX starts out nicely with an animated sequence. Fred, after a hard day at the quarry, is ready to meet Barney for some bowling practice to hone his skills for the big tournament. His boss, Mr. Slate tells Fred that he has to work overtime. Oh no! What to do?! What about the big tournament?! Darn that old Mr. Slate! Have no fear, Gazoo is here! You remember Gazoo, the little green alien with amazing powers? Gazoo, after hearing Fred’s plight, magically transforms the entire town of Bedrock into bowling lanes. Now Fred … Continue reading The Flintstones Bedrock Bowling bombs

Airplay Wireless Controller is unstoppable

The problems with infrared wireless controllers has always been the reliability of working correctly more than a few feet away from the main console. Another problem often occurs when an object (like your dog, cat, or significant other ) moves in front of the console and disrupts the signal. The interesting thing is that the Airplay wireless controller has eliminated both of these gaming obstacles, and a lot of headaches along with them. Eleven Engineering Inc., the makers of the Airplay, claim the controller will operate as far away as 25 feet, even without a clear line of sight. The … Continue reading Airplay Wireless Controller is unstoppable

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