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World War 3 Hits Too Close to Home

There is turmoil and chaos in the Middle East again. Sound familiar? No, I’m not watching CNN; I am playing JoWood Productions’ World War 3: Black Gold. World War 3 is a real time military strategy game in which you will control three different military powers. Using ‘real-world’ modern day weaponry, you will take command of the United States army, the Russian army, and the Iraqi army. World War 3 is similar to most real-time strategy games. There are goals that must be achieved in order to succeed and move on to the next mission, and you must build supply … Continue reading World War 3 Hits Too Close to Home

Sid Meier Hits Another Hole in One

Tired of just golfing on your PC? Ever wish that you had the ability to design, and golf on your own links? Then, Sid Meier’s Sim Golf is right up your fairway. In Sim Golf, game players design, manage, and compete on their own golf courses. All of these elements are paramount to your success as a golf course entrepreneur. As you build your golf course from the ground up, you will need money to do so. Customers and competitions bring money in. By creating challenging and entertaining holes you can be sure that your customers will be coming back … Continue reading Sid Meier Hits Another Hole in One

Getting Some Sim Lovin’

In the not too distant past, I was absolutely addicted to The Sims. In the past year, though, my desire for the game has waned as I have exhausted every conceivable option and action in the game. Then I received the Hot Date expansion pack, and once again I am hooked. This expansion pack is fantastic. There you are. That’s my review, no need to read any further. I am going to write this review assuming everyone reading this has either played or at least seen The Sims. You must live in a cave, if you haven’t done one of … Continue reading Getting Some Sim Lovin’

Steel Soldiers Metallic Eye Candy

Two global corporations that had been locked in battle for 500 years are on the brink of a negotiated peace agreement. On a distant out post, Captain Zod of the Mega Com Corporation learns that perhaps the enemy, the Trans Global Empire, may be preparing a devastating, final assault. This is the opening of Steel Soldiers, a real time strategy game for the PC. In Steel Soldiers you control an army of robots. Like most RTS games, there are mission goals that must be met in order to win and progress to the next mission. You must build factories and … Continue reading Steel Soldiers Metallic Eye Candy

Sea-Monkeys Ride Again

Remember those ads in the back of comic books flogging the likes of x-ray specs, whoopee cushions to ‘wow your friends at parties,’ the fly-in-an-ice-cube (and other memorable gags) and of course The Amazing Sea-monkeys? Some poor kid bought those sea-monkeys, only to find they weren’t monkeys at all, just tiny shrimp in stasis until they are put in a tank of water and fed. I bet there were tears before bedtime that sad day. To celebrate 50 years (yes, they’ve been going that long) of these aquatic dwellers, Just Play is bringing us The Amazing Virtual Sea-Monkeys, and this … Continue reading Sea-Monkeys Ride Again

Zoo Tycoon is King of the Jungle

Been dreaming of building and managing the most spectacular zoo in the world? Dream no more! Microsoft and Blue Fang Games have brought you Zoo Tycoon. In Zoo Tycoon your job is to build exhibits, adopt animals and hire employees to keep up on the maintenance, while keeping the animals and your guests happy. The key to success in Zoo Tycoon is to keep the guests happy and spending their money in your zoo. This means constructing exciting exhibits that resemble each animal’s natural habitat. This keeps the animals happy and playful. Since nobody wants to look at depressed, lifeless … Continue reading Zoo Tycoon is King of the Jungle

Spec Ops: Ranger Elite Takes Aim

Militias, terrorists, and communist dictatorships are threatening the security of the free world. You, and your squad of army rangers, are all that stands between them and conquest. This is Spec Ops: Ranger Elite for the Playstation game console. Spec Ops: Ranger Elite is part of Take 2 Interactive’s $9.99 line of games. In Ranger Elite, players control two rangers through four different stages, rescuing hostages, stealth attacks on enemy strongholds, disarming missile and bombs, and fighting scores of bad guys. The game starts off in Alaska where you must stop an extremist militia from blowing up the Alaskan pipeline. … Continue reading Spec Ops: Ranger Elite Takes Aim

Darkstone Comes Up a Bit Short

Any person who has played a lot of fantasy, role-playing games has heard plenty of tired game storylines similar to this one; "The evil Draak has acquired an incredible power and has transformed himself into a dragon and now has plans to destroy the world. You must journey across the lands to find seven ancient magic crystals which will help you defeat the villainous Draak." That is the opening sequence to Take 2 Interactive’s title Darkstone, an action/fantasy role-playing game for the Sony Playstation. Darkstone is part of Take 2’s $9.99 line up of games. Players in Darkstone choose from … Continue reading Darkstone Comes Up a Bit Short

KISS Pinball is Ready to Rock

Since the dawn of the video game console age began, game makers have strived to create a decent pinball game for the television game console that looks and plays like the real thing. Take 2 Interactive now has given us Kiss Pinball, the latest foray into the pinball sim market for the Sony Playstation. Kiss Pinball, based on the rock band Kiss (obviously), is part of Take 2’s $9.99 Playstation line-up. Kiss Pinball features two different tables to play. "Last Stop: Oblivion" the first table, follows Kiss on tour around the world. Hitting specific targets and ramps highlights different cities … Continue reading KISS Pinball is Ready to Rock

Jarrett and Labonte is Off to the Races

Jarrett and Labonte Stock Car Racing is a single or two-player racing game for the Playstation console. The goal in this game is to become lord and master of the World Stock Car Racing Championship. There are over 40 different cars to choose from, and a ton of options to give them the performance you need to be king of the road. There are four modes of play in Jarrett and Labonte Racing. They are Quick Race, Time Trial, Free Race, and, Championship. All these modes seem self explanatory, but I’ll go over them anyway. The Quick Race mode is … Continue reading Jarrett and Labonte is Off to the Races

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