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Benton Piepenburg started playing video games as a child and has been hooked ever since. His main focus these days is casual gaming with friends and family.

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Starship Troopers is Jackbooted Fun

Light-years from Earth, an enemy force is preparing to remove the human race from existence. They are amassing their troops and preparing for full-scale war. At the same time you and your platoon are joining thousands of other platoons onboard tremendous battleships, speeding towards the enemy’s home planet. Your weapons are state of the art. Your training has made you strong. Your numbers are overwhelming. But will you really be ready when your dropships touch down on the planet’s surface? Will you be ready to face the greatest enemy mankind has ever known? The bugs. Starship Troopers is a great … Continue reading Starship Troopers is Jackbooted Fun

Ground Control is a Stunning Depiction of Planetar

You have been contracted by the Crayven Corporation for a series of missions of the utmost importance. You will equip the squads of devastating war machines and cunning soldiers assigned to you and lead them to victory. You will descend upon the planet Krig 7-B and plow through the enemy forces occupying the planet’s surface. Your enemies, the Dawnies, are a ruthless and strongly religious group of well-trained warriors who will fight to the death for their land on Krig 7-B. It will take all of your resources and skills in order to gain control of the planet’s surface and … Continue reading Ground Control is a Stunning Depiction of Planetar

Colin McRae Rally: How The Rest Of The World Races Cars

Have you ever imagined yourself in a VW Golf sliding at 90 miles per hour down a muddy slope in New Zealand"sideways!? Well, that is exactly what you will experience in Colin McRae Rally. This game shows you how rough racing really can get. We’re talking off-road racing in cars that you can find cruising around downtown! The idea behind Colin McRae Rally is that it will accurately recreate for you the excitement and feeling of actual rally racing. Rally racing is different from NASCAR racing or Formula One racing. It is much more off-road than a typical race track. … Continue reading Colin McRae Rally: How The Rest Of The World Races Cars

Gromada: A Child’s First Strategy Game

Many of us have played strategy war games where we take command of an entire army and do as we please with them in order to complete certain objectives — whether they may be to totally demolish the enemy or to perform specific strategic activities. Well, picture a game just like that, but instead of directing an army, you alone are on the battlefield against the enemy. You don’t have any army backing you up or buddies to clear the way for you. It’s just you and your vehicle plowing down the enemy. That is Gromada. Sounds pretty cool huh? … Continue reading Gromada: A Child’s First Strategy Game