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Welcome Time Wasters!

This week I searched around the internet until I discovered a game called Puzzle Legends. For those wondering, I am still playing Earthbound, but I’ve also now started playing Final Fantasy on my PSP.

Puzzle Legends is a top down game that puts players in the shoes of an adventurer travelling through a tower of puzzles.

The controls in Puzzle Legends are really simple. Players move the adventurer around with the arrow keys and switches and such are activated¬†with “X”.

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The puzzles in Puzzle Legends are really fun and can take a good bit of thinking to solve. The game also introduces new elements to later levels that make them more complex and harder to solve.

There are three towers in Puzzle Legends and each tower has eight levels to it. While adventuring in the towers, players will have to collect gold and artifacts. Artifacts are harder to collect than gold and usually require doing a puzzle in a certain way. This makes for some additional challenges that keep the game interesting.

Gold collected in the game can be used to buy additional artifacts from the local store. There isn’t really much of a reason to do this and it came across to me as the developers trying to add some extra fluff to their game.

Graphics in Puzzle Legends are comparable to a game from the Super NES. This doesn’t make the graphics bad, but I did feel that a little more detail wouldn’t have harmed the game.

Music in Puzzle Legends is in the same vain as the graphics. The game has some wonderfully sounding beats that feel like they are from that older ear of gaming.

Overall, I enjoyed my time with Puzzle Legends. The puzzles in the game are really fun to solve and can require a good bit of thought. While the graphics did have a retro look to them, it still managed to feel dated in a bad way. However, the game did have some enjoyable background music.

Puzzle Legends earns 3 GiN Gems out of 5!


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