WB Brings Terminator Comic To iPhone

Warner Bros. Digital Distribution today announced the availability of the division's first digital comic book "Terminator Salvation" for the iPhone and iPod touch. Published by IDW, written by Dara Naraghi ("Lifelike") and art by Alan Robinson, this must-read multi-part graphic novel details a series of events that have transpired since Judgment Day and culminates with the story found in "Terminator Salvation" from Warner Bros. Pictures. The digital graphic novel is now available on the Apple App Store (www.itunes.com / http://tinyurl.com/ogv8n2) for $0.99 for each of five episodes or $3.99 for the full collection.

Created by leading app developer Genus, the "Terminator Salvation" prequel uses the powerful Kamikaze: Le Edition engine. This technology allows comic book images to be scaled down without loss of resolution or fidelity. It also provides comic book fans with the ability to easily flip through pages by shaking their wrist and zoom in and out by "pinching" the screen.

"We see digital comics as an exciting new growth category," said Thomas Gewecke, president, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. "Consumers want to extend the print experience to their handheld media devices and the iPhone and iPod touch are ideal platforms for delivering rich, immersive, visual experiences. We expect the "Terminator Salvation" prequel to be the first of many digital comic releases over the coming year."

The "Terminator Salvation" prequel, which includes a comic adaptation of the film's opening scene, is the first of many digital comics that will be launched on the Apple App store from Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. Future series will include classic cartoons as well as well-known action titles.

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