Train Conductor World Arrives At Google Play


The Voxel Agents, creators of the runaway success Train Conductor series have just released the highly anticipated title Train Conductor World on Google Play. Train Conductor World is a high-speed train traversal puzzler, with players learning to avoid train collisions at high speeds, and build their ultimate rail network across Europe.

The award-winning Australian team have expanded and refined the key features that made the Train Conductor series a hit with over 8 million mobile downloads and counting. With an established reputation for the best train game on mobile, The Voxel Agents incorporated extensive player feedback into Train Conductor World to craft an experience to delight both existing fans and brand new players. New gameplay features can be found in the launch trailer here.

Train Conductor World challenges players to adventure across new terrain and connect the wonders of the European continent. Mobile gameplay encourages fans and newcomers alike to grow the ultimate railway network across Europe, with signature Train Conductor arcade-style gameplay to keep the chaos under control. Requiring swift thinking and creative problem-solving, players will master track design, managing movement and avoiding collisions. Featuring a fully realised 3D European setting, trains will be barreling across the familiar canals of Amsterdam, zooming around the Arc De Triomphe in Paris and navigating the perilous peak of the Matterhorn.


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