NYKO Upgrades Drivers


The Air Flo(TM) EX controller for PC/Mac, boasting the patented Air Flo technology, is now available from Nyko Technologies. The upgraded product and driver software emulates keyboard and mouse functions, making the new controller fully compatible with all computer game titles, even those not designed for use with gamepads. All PC Air Flo EX owners – current and new – will be able to download the latest drivers directly from Nyko at http://www.nyko.com/nyko/products/?i=33.

Like its predecessor, the new and improved Air Flo EX ends problematic sweaty palms by blowing fresh air through the handgrips – giving gamers ultimate comfort while playing their favorite games. The controller also provides versatility by supporting Mac platform games as well. Dual fan speeds, another new feature, offer adjustable air flow intensity. The re-designed hand grips provide superior comfort, increased air circulation and precision.

The software available for the unit has been upgraded for the new Air Flo
model and has a sleeker, simpler interface. The new driver software runs as a background application, so gamers can plug the controller into different USB ports. Convenient updates include the ability for users to choose which keystrokes, like W, A, S and D, are mapped to the analog stick. Each of the two analog sticks can be programmed independently as well.

"We’re committed to enhancing the digital lifestyle, by both introducing new products and improving existing products like the Air Flo line," said
Susan Corben, director of marketing, Nyko Technologies. "Now gamers who grew up playing console games can enjoy playing popular computer titles like World of Warcraft(TM) and Far Cry(TM)."

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