Logitech Unveils Affordable New PlayStation Controllers


At the E3 Electronic Entertainment
Exposition, Logitech (SWX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI) unveiled two compact and extremely
affordable game controllers for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system that deliver the
great performance gamers have come to expect from Logitech.

The Logitech Action controller and the Logitech Precision controller both are 10 percent
more compact than the previous model of Logitech gaming controllers for the PlayStation 2. With
the smaller size and rubber grips, the controllers rest comfortably and securely in the players'
hands. These two new controllers also feature Logitech's critically acclaimed floating D-pad
design, which makes Logitech's D-pad more accurate and responsive than competitive

"These new controllers are solid performers with an edge," said Ruben Mookerjee, Logitech's
director of product marketing for interactive entertainment. "Logitech's D-pad design is unique.
By combining it with the new compact designs, these gamepads are winners."

Logitech's new controllers provide gamers with fresh design choices in terms of both color and
style. The Logitech Action controller has a metallic blue finish and includes a premium soft-touch
finish on the bottom case for a more comfortable grip and better handling. The Logitech Precision
controller comes with a translucent casing, showing off the technology inside the controller.
Each controller leverages Logitech's industry-leading vibration feedback technology, helping to
deliver a more intense gaming experience. Each also includes Logitech's durable, highperformance
analog stick. The analog stick design has been machine-tested to perform over one
million circular revolutions, ensuring it can handle the rigors of gaming over a long period of

Another feature of both new gamepads is Logitech's turbo programmability, which allows
gamers to quickly switch any button into rapid-fire mode from single-fire mode. Additionally, the
Logitech Action controller features an extended 10-foot cord (typical controllers are 8 feet in
length), giving gamers more flexibility in where they sit when gaming.

Instead of using a D-pad that pivots on a fixed point, Logitech created a floating structure that sits
on top of four prongs, called piston actuators. With four points of contact instead of a single pivot
point, Logitech's patented D-pad resists side-to-side tipping inherent in previous designs, making
it a more precise controller. This innovation makes the D-pad more responsive to quick changes
in direction, especially the half-circle moves in fighting games. The Logitech D-pad design can
make the difference for gamers between advancing to the next level and "game over."


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