Galaxy of Pen and Paper Game Revealed in Trailer


Right before new year’s eve, the indie team at Behold Studios reveals a new teaser of its upcoming game Galaxy of Pen & Paper, that they have been working for the past 2 years.

The indie studio is well know for their previous games Chroma Squad and The Story of Choices, but they got the attention when the awarded game Knights of Pen & Paper was released for mobile, and today it has more than 3 million players around the globe.

This new video teaser reveals the next upcoming game of the studio. Without much information, in their official website it is possible to see that it is a Pen & Paper sequel, but this time in a science fiction setting.

Since the previous games from Behold has a lot of good humor and pop culture references, we can expect the same with this game, including references about the famous sci-fi movies and series so popular these days. Hence the teaser inspired by Star Trek opening theme from the 70’s. As a sequel in space, the RPG game will have turn based battles, taveling through space, missions and equipment for you roleplayers party of heroes.

We don’t know much about the game, but we’ll get more information soon, since it is releasing this year of 2017, for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam.


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