European Superheroes To Compete


NCsoft Europe today unveiled its exciting plans for the largest tournament that the City of Heroes community has ever seen. Taking place over several months and involving players from all over Europe, the Super Summer Slam Spectacular (S4) offers something for players of all persuasions.

S4 will take place over three separate stages. The initial stage (already underway but still very enterable) involves designing a set of costumes for a five-hero strong team to wear into battle. The costumes will be worn by the victorious players from the next stage, the Pentad Cup, which involves each server in Europe hosting a series of matches in Paragon City’s PvP arenas. The third and final stage will be a thrilling Grand Final, fought amongst the winners from each server in a bid to win fantastic prizes and be crowned European Champions.

"For the first round of prizes we have already confirmed, amongst other things, first editions of the City of Heroes comic signed by the writer and artist, places in the City of Villains Beta, and exclusive high-quality prints of the winning costumes," says Stephen Reid, Content and Community Manager, NCsoft Europe. "Everyone playing City of Heroes in Europe is welcome to take part, and we’re looking forward to seeing some great costumes – and some huge battles!"

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