EA Launches Free Soccer Game


Aim for the back of the net with EA SPORTS Web Soccer, an intense high-scoring online soccer game that will keep players passing and shooting for hours on Pogo.com. Produced by the online division at Electronic Arts' Redwood Shores studio, EA SPORTSâ„¢ Web Soccer delivers a complete soccer experience highlighted by control of a team and the tools to execute the "perfect attack". Choosing to play in single match or tournament mode, soccer fanatics can play in this fast-moving game as one of 16 international teams from countries such as Brazil and Argentina. EA SPORTS Web Soccer is free for all players at http://www.easports.com/free/.

With EA SPORTS Web Soccer, players can go for a straight shot or bend it like a pro as they try to beat the best in the world. Each top-caliber team is rated in 5 categories: running, passing, shooting, ball control and goal defense. Each category affects the team's performance on the pitch.

Three levels of difficulty mix up the action as players use their cursor to identify where the ball will be shot or passed. This easy-to-control game also features a special close up look at the goal and pitch to allow players more precise shooting attempts. The game's power meter allows for 3 different levels of power for passing and shooting, and two levels of tackling.

The tournament mode allows players to compete in a series of match-ups with opposing teams and the level of difficulty increases with each match-up. The winner of the entire tournament wins a special token bonus that can be used to win prizes and jackpot spins at pogo.com

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