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Spooky Adventures in Lovecraft-like Kult of Ktulu: Olympic

Take a trans Atlantic voyage on a mysterious ocean liner in the early 20th century in this adventure game that would feel quite at home in the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Live Elena’s memories as she writes in her possessed diary while trying to solve the strange mysteries of the ship. Kult of Ktulu: Olympic is a frightening macabre tale told as a point and click narrative.

Survive Shivercliff in Husk

Welcome to the town of Shivercliff, where your nightmares come alive. In Husk, players explore the abandoned town and surroundings looking for clues to its mystery while surviving the monsters and strangeness. This first person survival horror will play with your psyche as you relive the memories of former Shivercliff resident Matthew Palmer.

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