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Conquer Online Releases New Garments

Garment fans were homing in around the Girl of Wisdom in the city to try their luck at a free Gold Cloth and King of Scorpions, this month. Gold Garment and Armor fever gripped the world of CO after Conquer Online introduced them in the first month of the new year. “Ninja??,” the very first player who owned these two new outfits, says “I like them very much! Because I think this is the best garment ever made by TQ, and I pretty much like the aura effects emanating from the garment itself. ” The Exclusive Gold Cloth Garment and … Continue reading Conquer Online Releases New Garments

Mobile Gaming: a Threat for Traditional Consoles?

We all have a smartphone these days, and while many of us do have consoles, it’s certainly not the case that we all have a console. Where a smartphone has become almost a necessity to partake in modern daily life, the console hasn’t. And, some people would argue that there’s every indication that the smartphone will one day render the console completely redundant. Since mobile gaming has been a possibility, the warnings about the end of the world for console gaming have been being made. And similarly, it has been asked on numerous occasions whether PC gaming will wipe out … Continue reading Mobile Gaming: a Threat for Traditional Consoles?