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The Last Door Episode 5 Beta is Now Available

The Game Kitchen announces availability of beta version of “The Playwright”, fifth chapter and second season premiere of The Last Door. Prior to the official and final launch of the new season premiere, the spanish indie studio has released its beta version to be reviewed first by their premium community members as well as to encourage them in collaborating to shape the new episode’s final touches. Spain – October 10th, 2014. The Game Kitchen officially announces the imminent launch of the fifth episode, and second season premiere, of “The Last Door” saga titled as “The Playwright”. The final version release […]

Funny Kittens Video Puts Feline Fighters into Assassin’s Creed World

Okay, we realize this may not exactly be a full on news item, but sometimes you just need to have a little fun. Mr. TVCow has put together one of the funniest Assassin’s Creed videos we’ve seen in a very long time. This time, the four assassins of the upcoming Unity game are played by mega-cute kittens. Hey, you know there are cats in the game that you can pet as you walk along, right? Well, after seeing their secret world, you might just give them a touch more respect. They could likely slay you with their cuteness alone, but […]