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Hey there, game fans! It’s another fabulous Saturday morning with new a review in en route! Pardon the pun this once for all you aspiring emergency responders or people who are curious as to what it takes to save a life, called Accident. It’s currently in Steam Early Access, so you can start playing now if you want. Obviously, it’s a lot more than a videogame, as this simulates real accident scenes. I’m going to be honest here gamers, this may be just a demo, but it’s got me on the squeamish side. It’ s definitely for mature audiences, and not for kids. Let’s dig in!

Alrighty, so the scene opens up to an office in their round cubicle It’s really nice actually if I were in an office space this is what I would want to work in.) It comes to your desk space and you have everything you need. This guy Mark, texts you on your phone and tells you about how to use the software that’s given to you and gives you instructions on how to use it. Even makes a joke about how ancient CDs are. There’s this new tech that allows you to scope out the accident that took place using a VR headset and your job is to try and find out what happened. So you look for clues given to you with files.

Your first simulation is a car dummy model in a virtual crash test lab. It looks easy enough. What I really like about the loading screens is that they give you good hits. Like “don’t assume a person is dead, only a doctor can do that,” or “Look for clues to see what happened.” Let me warn you, the simulation has some blood in it. Very little since this is a dummy run through. You have to do everything to secure the area, like get out of the vehicle, call emergency services, and put out a fire. Also, section off the accident area and see if the victims are okay.

There is another really cool thing you can do if you make a mistake and it’s rewinding. Your ability to win the demo is based on how you can save a life. So when you didn’t everything you needed you can always rewind to make sure you got everything within the life span of the dummies.

The graphics are really nice. I like the aesthetic in the office. I mean that’s really nice. And the fact that it was done in unity. It’s really impressive, I haven’t seen unity do too many realistically styled games. I’m a bit in love with the truck you get out of. (Seriously what make and model is that.) Having gone through a bad accident myself (years ago) I was thinking this game was going to be gory, but it’s not so bad, at least in the early access demo.

So it might be okay for teens to learn, NC 17 maybe? To be honest this would make a great idea for real-life training. I mean a VR system to help train new students as an introductory course. Could you imagine the leaps and bounds this could make in the real world? All thanks to this demo? To the creators make this video game and then go and make this an actual training course for first responder training. You’ve got something really good going on here.

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