Wild Hare Targets Independent Developers

Wild Hare Entertainment (Wild Hare), a recently established game publisher located in Dallas, Texas, today announced its plans to provide independent developers a cost-effective alternative to the traditional publishing and distribution models in the North American retail market.

The change in the industry to a hits-driven business model and the rising cost of production have made it very difficult for the smaller independent developer to get signed or even noticed by a major publisher.

"Everyone is trying so hard to be innovative that the soul of our industry has become clouded. We want to work with our partners to create what made this industry so exciting…classics," said Andrew Hoolan V.P. of Marketing of Wild Hare Entertainment.

The truth is… this industry was built by independent game developers, their creative ideas and strong publisher relationships.

Wild Hare Entertainment understands the future growth of this industry is rooted in its past and believes that the publisher/developer relationship should be a true partnership. In truth, the publishers' and developers' very existence (not to mention industry growth) is dependent on this partnership. It is imperative for this partnership to be built on trust and respect.

"There is no doubt in my mind that the developers who work with us will realize that we are an indispensable part of their team and that the independent developer community will have a true evangelist for their cause," said Matt Tolleson V.P. of Publishing Wild Hare Entertainment.

Funded through Dallas area investment and by leveraging the upcoming BLiTs gaming server technology in select titles, Wild Hare is positioned to manage the development and release of titles on various current/next-generation platforms and a host of Mobile devices. Wild Hare's current strategies include retail, download and online gaming with plans for Xbox Arcade and Sony's PlayStation 3 download facility in the works.

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