WarBirds Dogfights Takes Flight

iEntertainment Network today announced WarBirds' Dogfights – the latest release in the successful WWII aerial combat WarBirds series – flies into retailers nationwide today. Single-player Dogfights presents player pilots with fast-flying combat contests across the embattled skies of Europe and the Pacific.

WarBirds' Dogfights: Mass Aircraft Battles and thousands of unique combat missions.

Dogfights is filled with player choices. Players can choose among 100 historically accurate aircraft to battle an armada of incoming aircraft in thousands of unique combat mission combinations. With Dogfight's dynamic game engine, no two air battles will ever be the same. Imagine a dogfight
with you against 10 MeBf-109s or Fw-190s…you're low on fuel, your ammo is running out…only your airspeed, altitude, and your steely self-control will keep you alive on the Ace level! Get in some shots and get out or you die!

Gamers choose one of three levels of pilot expertise: Rookie, Pilot, or the highly skilled Ace. In each air battle the player can score points, build rank, and acquire medals to compete for the coveted title of WGFP – Worlds' Greatest Fighter Pilot!

Players can fly over multiple historical terrains including England, Europe, and North Africa, including many of the great cities like London, Paris, and Berlin. Players can participate in Pacific battle campaigns over the
Philippines and Midway terrains.

Bonus Deal: Dogfight players get free 30-day trial of MMOG WarBirds.

Players who purchase Dogfights at retail get a 30-day free trial in the
aerial combat MMOG WarBirds where players can compete in air-to-air action against other real players in online combat and join online squadrons. They can go on raids with their squadron mates and participate in reenactments of many of the great air events of World War II. WarBirds can be found at www.Totalsims.com. Players can download the online version of WarBirds for free and learn how to manage air-to-air combat online in real time, and to fly with live personal trainers by logging into the online arenas of

Dogfights is available today for $29.95 at Best Buy, Frye's, MicroCenter,
GoGamer, NewEgg, Hastings, and other retailers including Amazon.com.

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