VPNs Are Becoming The New Norm in Gaming


The online gaming industry has grown rapidly over the past few years. The introduction of virtual private networks (VPNs) have become of much benefit to gamers, as it hides the IP address of the device you are gaming on.

VPNs have many benefits as the hidden IP address allows for much more freedom and safety online.

Greater accessibility to online games

Since the IP address is hidden, it allows gamers access to games that are not available in their region. It also allows for gamers to play games or updates that have been released earlier in other regions. It also allows for gamers access to multiplayer games that are not available in all countries. There are also many games that are banned, such as online casino games, which VPNs will allow you to bypass the ban. So, for example, if you are visiting China on business and want to play at Unibet casino, then a VPN is essential to gaining access to the service.

Maintaining a high-speed connection

Many internet service providers monitor their consumer’s usage and will throttle the connection speed at peak usage times. This causes high pings (time it takes data to be sent between servers) and lagging for gamers. This is done in order to force consumers to upgrade to more expensive packages in order to increase their line speed. Since VPN hides the user’s information, it prevents internet service providers from seeing the peak usage times and therefore prevents them from being able to throttle connection speed.

Ping times and lagging

Ping times are a major issue in gaming as servers are all over the world. A server that is across the world would have a higher ping time than a server that is nearby. The higher the ping time is, the greater the lag between information getting from one server to another would be. VPN bypasses this, as the gamer just needs to connect to a VPN that is in the country that the gaming server is situated. Doing this will prevent ping times and lagging from being an issue.

DDos Protection

DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks happen when many requests are sent to compromise a system, causing it to go offline. This can be a major issue in gaming as it is easily accessible and can be purchased by anyone trying to commit malicious attacks on other gamers. This is a major issue in games that are in real-time games such as strategy games or online casino games. Disruptions here can cause major losses to gamers.

Online safety

VPN plays a large role in online safety, but especially in the gaming community where they can interact with countless amounts of unidentified people on a daily basis. VPNs allow people to play anonymously, thus giving them the ability to hide their identity. It also allows you to hide your location or any information that you would need to keep private, such as financial information when playing in game like online casinos.

VPNs have many benefits to gamers, as there are many options that will suit their specific needs. It allows for a much smoother gaming platform and makes gaming a much more enjoyable experience.

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