Patterns Goes On Direct Sale

Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life, Creatorverse and other shared creative spaces, today announced that the Patterns genesis release (version 0.01F) is now available for purchase and download directly from Previously, the Patterns genesis release required users to have or create a Steam account to download the game.

Patterns is a 3D digital universe to explore and shape with your creativity. Beginning on an archipelago floating in space, you explore and discover the shapes and patterns that form this world. As you collect materials of varying strength and durability, you can use them to build anything from large-scale structures that reach the sky to bridges that traverse chasms and much more – all while the pull of gravity challenges your construction techniques.

Today, the updated Patterns ‘genesis release’ is available at at a 50% discount for adventurous early adopters. Since the genesis release of Patterns was first launched in October, updates have expanded the game with new substances you can destroy, build with, bounce, and slide on; new formations you can create to blow things up or cover surfaces with ice; new planets to explore; and more. Updates planned for 2013 include online saving that will make it easier to share your creations with other players; continued expansion of the game with new substances, formations, and behaviors; creatures that will populate your world; and multiplayer mode. Buyers of the Patterns genesis release will receive all updates up to and including version 1.0 at no additional cost.

‘Patterns is still in its infancy, but it’s been great to see the early positive reviews and the fantastic things that our founding players have already created,’ said Rod Humble, CEO of Linden Lab. ‘There are lots of exciting developments on the roadmap for Patterns in 2013 as we progress towards version 1.0, and we’re happy to be able to give interested early adopters more ways to get into the game at this early stage.’

For more information about Patterns, including a video trailer and screenshots, and to purchase and download the genesis release, please visit


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