Jerpix Announces Orbs Card Game

Jerpix, an independent developer with a passion for strategy games, today announced their first project – Orbs CCG. Named a "Digital CCG to Watch in 2013" by, Orbs CCG offers a unique take on collectible card games (CCGs), combining strategic elements from popular fantasy-themed CCGs with the convenience of being able to play in either real-time or asynchronously, one turn at a time over the course of days.

Playable online from any browser, Orbs CCG is a deep strategy HTML5-based CCG by Jerpix, a startup game company backed by Y Combinator, the top-tier startup incubator in Silicon Valley. The Orbs CCG team includes ex-Google engineer and Jerpix founder Jeff Pickhardt, and Tom Martell, professional gamer and winner of the 2013 Magic Pro Tour Gatecrash (the highest form of competitive tournament for Magic: The Gathering).

In addition to basic multiplayer, Orbs CCG will also feature online tournaments, including drafting. Furthermore, Orbs CCG boasts an epic single-player campaign mode in which the player must obtain all six Legendary Orbs and save Orbworld from its impending destruction.


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