Having Fun With The New Smash the Pig Slot Machine

Smash the Pig is a new slot game that brings a new feel and spin to casino slots of this genre. With no download, this free, or real money, slot game by Spielo is not based on glamour and high living – which seems to be the common trend of the moment. 

Instead, it’s a game with agricultural roots, as it’s based on farm life.

Given its strange premise, eyebrows were certainly raised, with many questioning the legitimacy of this new slot game before its release. 

Being as objective as possible, can this theme really be turned into a fun slot game? How to play the free slot game Smash The Pig? There’s only one way to find out – https://casinotice.com/mobile-slots/smash-the-pig/! Let us guide you through our real money online slot machine review.

These little piggies went to market

There are only two words that can describe the experience you will have when you play Smash the Pig: adorable perfection. 

When the game starts (the download goes pretty fast, we must add) your eyes will be treated to bright colors all over the screen. It is supposed to be a sunny day on the farm, this title is in the theme, and the game reflects it rather well.

The game’s reels are the standard center screen with a Spielo title, while the background consists of a lush green hill with a beautiful blue sky above. 

Aside from the incredible level of detail found throughout every inch of this game, one thing that makes it so different from other free slot games is the presence of intricate elements that really add an extra sense of excitement.

While Smash the Pig may not have the most creative theme around, the visual performance it offers certainly cannot be questioned.

As simple as A-B-C

The user interface found in the Smash the Pig game is one of the best user interfaces, there is no doubt about it. Moreover, that you can play for real money or free, without downloading and online. In addition, it provides an interesting contrast against the bright background of the slot machine game, which goes well with the theme of the game.

Below the game reels, you can find a display that will tell you how many lines you are playing and the bet per line for that round. When that round ends, it displays the winnings. 

You can find the buttons, which you will use to play the game, on the lower part of the screen. 

There are: menu, pay, line selection, line bet, max bet, and spin. When you win, these buttons change to double up, take score, and triple up.

There is no doubt that when you play Smash the Pig online slot, for free or with real money, you will enjoy its easy navigation and playability that is made possible by its well-organized user interface.

Smash and Grab Gameplay

There will be a distinct color highlighted on the screen of the Smash the Pig game when you are successful in securing a win, depending on the winning line and the animation that is associated with the win. 

Depending on the symbols that appear in the Smash The Pig free slot game, this animation will differ. When it comes to paylines, this is a 5-reel slot machine that has a total of 20 paylines.

A Scatter symbol can be activated when three or more appear on the game screen. If you land on three or more Scatter symbols, you will be triggered to a bonus round. During this bonus round, the pigs will all be lined up in the center row. You will then smash the piggy bank to receive a reward of varying amounts.

Three Little Pigs

There is a bonus symbol in the Smash the Pig free slot game that works to fill your “Pick Gauge”. 

You can crush up to a set number of pigs to win an instant prize if you have enough choices available on the Pick Gauge when you play and do not win this bonus. When you do win the bonus, you will be able to crush up to a set number of pigs to win an instant prize. 

Aside from having a certain charm, these pigs will hold random signs saying things like “I’m feeling sick” or “I’m with Porky!”. This is an intense casino slot game in which you will need to think fast in order to win big.

When it comes to the bonus features of the slot game, you’re not likely to find anything more abstract than that.

Like pigs in a trough!

This casino slot machine doesn’t need a high standard of living in order to attract you, while it doesn’t need those clichéd casino games in order to be fun. 

Instead, the free Smash the Pig casino slot is pure fun with just a pig and a good smashing time. The game has some really good gameplay mechanics that can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels, as well as a lot of charm that makes it a pleasure to play.

This free or real money online slot game shows that Spielo, as a developer, can think outside the box when they need to. Smash the Pig – while a bit odd – represents a real tour de force in online slot game creation. Smash the Pig is a game you don’t want to miss! Play without downloading, for real money or for free and you won’t be disappointed with this farm world!

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