Foxy Jumper 2 Ships For Holidays

Alawar Entertainment, a leading publisher of casual games, has released Foxy Jumper 2: Winter Adventures. The latest entry in the Foxy Jumper series of arcade platform games, Winter Adventures sends the heroic hoodwinker and his girlfriend on a quest to reclaim presents from an army of thieving brutes. Along the way, they’ll grab powerups, collect treasure and light enough Christmas trees to illuminate New York City during a power outage.

The sequel comes with all the seasonal trimmings, from levels set within a winter wonderland to frosty fiends who will do their best to stop Foxy in his tracks.

Players who unwrap the all-new game will also discover a multitude of fresh elements, from bubbles that carry the hero ever-higher to wind currents that blow away vengeful snow clouds.

In addition, a number of familiar items return, including shields, running shoes and powerups that freeze all of the enemies. Winter Adventures features more than 45 levels, gameplay for one or two people, Christmas music and enhanced animation.

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