CS:GO Skin Drop Send Shockwaves Through The Market

The latest updates from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has launched a whole host of new skins for players to use and choose from. Many of them have disrupted the marketplace because of their expensive costing strategy, as after all, it’s not an everyday occurrence to see a two thousand dollar AWP land on the market.

While the obsession with new skins might not be everybody’s cup of tea, there is clearly an appetite for them that CS:GO are desperate to meet.

The recent drop has done exactly that with daily traders struggling to keep up with the demand for the new luxury creative, something that is unlikely to change with even more expected soon.

However, players have so far paid the price for what they want and that is music to the ears of CS:GO and their skin designers.

Fluctuation In Case Prices

After release on December 3rd, it’s the Operation Broken Fang case that has been the biggest hit, and ultimately, the most valuable since debut. Opening up at just over two dollars per purchase, it dropped to almost half that in just a couple of hours.

However, that price has become a casual float in the recent weeks, which has certainly worked out well for the case traders. With this method, players can pay large amounts for Broken Fang cases with the possibility of earning bigger profits in the future.

Copy and Past Skins


It’s perhaps no surprise that the M4A1-S Printsteam hit the market in record fashion after just a couple of openings. The previous design was one of the most popular ever created on the Desert Eagle in the Fracture collection, and was released to the market back in August 2020.

Off the back of that, players were fairly quick to make it one of their favourites on the weapon by making it a high value pick.

As our game reviews suggest, the best part of the skin is its extremely rare pattern, which is unique when compared with anything else that is currently available. When you are playing with that skin, the Printstream changes colour, which makes it one of a kind in the industry. Given how popular this was on the Desert Eagle, it’s expected that players will receive the M4A1-S in the same vein.


Up next on the list is the new Glock-18 Neo Noir, a recent skin that is in the same place as the Printstream. As well as that, the skin has also been featured on AWP, M4A4 and USP-S.

All three of these weapons have become highly profitable for players both on the Steam market and other trading sites on the web. With the Glock-18 often used for a majority of T sided rounds, buying this fancy starting pistol is a fairly good idea in our opinion.

That is the opinion of many GS:GO players. This also explains why the Glock-18 has long been breaking records ever since it was launched. If you want to learn more about why this certain type of gun has been a huge hit not just in games but in real life, make sure to check Lunde Studio out!

At the time of writing, it is the most valuable factory new Neo Noir weapon that is available on the market. That means that it will hold a lot of value, and also become a high ticket in the near future.

Betting On GS:GO

With new skins launching on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at several points throughout the year, it’s no surprise that the interest in betting on it has increased 10 fold.

As well as the online bookmakers, the traditional sports bookmakers in the UK are now all offering odds on eSports, which includes the latest CS:GO matches and tournaments from around the globe.

Due to the increased interest, there is a battle to get the best price when it comes to placing a bet, which is why odds comparison tools like Oddsmanager are great places to check out before placing your eSports bet.

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