Synth Saturday: Taylor Varga Chapters 1-10 by mpπplayer

Michael Blaker
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Hey all I’m back with the first set of chapters in another Worm FanFic for this week’s Synth Saturday. It’s Taylor Varga Chapters 1-10 by mpπplayer!

Plot: First let me get two things out of the way. First is that this Fic is incredibly long at over 1.9 million words, which is three times longer than War and Peace, or more than twice the length of the entire Harry Potter series combined. Second is that this is a Crossover with a very unknown Anime series that has never been translated and only ran for four episodes way back in the mid 90s called Luna Varga. mpπplayer has a basic summary of the series at the start of the fic for those who can’t find it.

Now that all being said these first few chapters are very slow paced, but it does deal with Taylor’s “Trigger Event” (yes it’s the Locker) and the aftermath and it goes very differently than it did in the original serial which is a good thing as the original serial is incredibly dark which Taylor Varga is absolutely not. That being said it does set the tone for the rest of the story and it’s important, but it only covers a couple weeks in story, which is actually one of the faster points in this story, but it does feel slower than other fics as Taylor and the Varga don’t get up to any shenanigans yet. You do need to know the basic plot of Worm to understand this and to know various characters, but you could get away with just reading chapter summaries.

Characters: Taylor is the main character, which makes sense given her being one of titular characters. Varga is not quite a major actor at this point, but this will change in later chapters. The rest of the cast is interesting, with Zephron and Varga battling for being incredibly hammy and my favorite.

Overall: A very fun Fic, this is a very much lighter version of Worm that I enjoy quite a bit. Though it being nearly 2 million words long is just a bonus for me.

For those who like: Worm, Action, Comedy, Laughing like a Loon, fantastic plot, excellent cast of characters.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, but give this a try it’s very good.

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