Synth Saturday: Chapters 11-20 from the Potter Fic “Price of Being Noble” by Driftwood

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back with more chapters in one of my favorite Potter Fics for this week’s Synth Saturday. It’s Chapters 11-20 of the “Price of Being Noble” by Driftwood!

Plot: This set of chapters is more fallout from the bonding. These chapters start to cover how Harry and his new Bondmates deal with the change it has brought to their lives and their relationships with each other.

Characters: There aren’t really any new characters in this set of chapters, so it’s just mainly focused on Harry and his girls. Frankly, I enjoyed the focus on how the bond impacts them and their thoughts. Plus, I always enjoy seeing more of Sirius, as he was criminally underutilized in the books.

Overall: A solid set of chapters in one of my favorite Potter Fics.

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