Light Novel Thursday: High School DxD Volume 10 by Ichiei Ishibumi

Michael Blaker
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This week on Light Novel Thursday I’m covering another entry in the High School DxD series. It’s High School DxD Volume 10: Lion Heart of the School Festival by Ichiei Ishibumi! Spoilers after the jump!

Plot Synopsis: After repelling the Khaos Brigade’s Hero Faction in Kyoto and unlocking his Triana forms Issei is finally back home, and is training for the upcoming match with Sairaorg Bael and his group! He’s pumped and ready to bring the beatdown to the most powerful young devil.

Plot: The plot is pretty much all about that fight, and while it doesn’t cover much in the form of plot progression it is a very satisfying read.

Characters: Getting to meet the rest of Saiaorg’s group is a real treat and the rest of the cast all goes through some needed character development.

Art: Excellent as always!

Overall: A very satisfying volume in an already excellent series.

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